Clarksville, Tennessee 

"My Radiant Coaches Academy training was a fortifying and positively affirming experience that has changed the way I think and feel about my own coaching for the better. The supportive and nurturing environment created in our space was critical and made the beauty of vulnerability a normal part of the experience. The training called forth the best in all of us and added layers of warmth and depth to our coaching and our lives. The immersive nature of the in-person experience is critical for building coaching comfort and ultimately skill. The emphasis of coaching our clients form a 360 degree perspective with respect to their WHOLE being is so resonant with me and my philosophy about coaching, and the resources to which we were introduced will prove invaluable to my future clients. I wholeheartedly recommend this training experience to anyone who feels called to join our noble profession."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about the training I received at Radiant Coaches Academy! Dez is such a great teacher, and her combination of coaching experience and passion makes for an awesome experience as a student. I loved the broad reach of the training. We covered everything from the spiritual to the nitty gritty of what it takes to run a successful coaching business. Dez does a great job of bringing in other coaches to teach and provide a different point of view. One of my favorite things was getting to know the other students in the group. You spend a lot of condensed time together and it's encouraging to meet others who have a similar passion and goal of becoming a certified coach. I'm sure there are several online programs that offer coach training, but I can guarantee they will never come close to meeting the level of growth, insight, and practical training you will receive at Radiant Coaches Academy."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I was very excited to attend training at Radiant Coaches Academy! The training group was diverse, the scheduling was perfect, and there was the opportunity to uniquely connect with the material that Dez Stephens taught. I appreciated the fact that I was given not only the tools to successfully coach clients, but also resources and tactics to help expand my business. I went from being a beautician who always gave advice to being able to help my clients in a more intimate manner by learning how to guide them towards their own greatness. It is truly rewarding to witness the changes that I have induced in others, and I have Radiant Coaches Academy to thank for that."


Nashville, Tennessee 

"I am so thankful that I attended Dez's Radiant Coaches Academy. The lessons I learned to become a skilled and compassionate coach were extraordinary. Not only did I receive the knowledge to coach effectively, but I also learned methods to assist with my own personal growth. Wonderful training and amazing teacher!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"If you think you know what Life Coaching is, think again! It taught me to 'get out of the way' and truly put the client in the driver's seat. If you love empowering people, these are the best trainers in the industry. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore and discover your path as you step into your fullest potential and embrace your highest good with Radiant Coaches Academy."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Are you ready to start a journey that helps empower you to live a better, more fruitful life? Are you wondering where your talents will lead you? Do you have a desire to help others through service leadership? I encourage you to look no further than Radiant Coaches Academy. Their training was exceptional, thought-provoking and empowering. I met some incredible people who gave great feedback in order to help me get started with the next journey this life holds. Cannot wait to see what that entails... either way, I know it will be on a solid foundation!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"This program represents an investment in a career path that fulfills a more soulful obligation. Having completed this training, I feel that I have been given some great tools, been welcomed into a supportive community and have taken a step toward a more satisfying and enriching path."


Nashville, Tennessee

"WOW! I had NO idea that coming to a training like this, where I'm supposed' to be learning more about helping others would give me SO much insight on ME, as the trainee. Trainers Dez and Misti both brought so much healing to my own heart allowing me to feel WAY more confident in my own ability to coach, serve and love on others. During the two weeks, I never felt like I was 'learning' from a guidebook. It felt natural, it felt safe, it felt fun and it was SO insightful. This training is so much more than being a life coach, it truly is for ANYONE and EVERYONE wanting to better themselves (and others!)"


Chicago, Illinois 

"I am looking forward to becoming a Certified Radiant Coach & I feel like I have the tools now to do that!"


North Carolina

"The training I received a Radiant Coaches Academy has been extremely beneficial to me, both personally and professionally. I have integrated the skills and tools I learned in the training into my both my personal life and professional life. As a compassionate professional in the healing arts field, I've been able to meld my skills into developing workshops and coaching sessions for clients, specializing in positive affirmations and self-love."


San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS

"One of the most important stages in my life was learning to be a Holistic Coach because it led me to find myself. At the same time, it gave me tools and practices that are very useful in my coaching sessions and workshops. I am very blessed to have this very special gift."


Nashville, Tennessee 

"Radiant Coaches Academy is a great place for anyone wanting to become a professional coach. Dez is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does as a coach! She is available for her students and truly wants them to succeed and excel in their career!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"While I had a desire to learn more about holistic coaching, at the beginning I had very undefined expectations about how the actual training would unfold. Several days into the training, and for weeks afterwards, I felt that this exposure had reignited a passion in me, although I couldn't clearly describe it. Now, a month later, I can say that the Holistic Coach Certification Training offered by RHI was invigorating and mind expanding. Dez Stephens' professionalism and expertise, along with other communicators with diverse presentation styles, created a welcoming, positive environment and helped to make this a worthwhile, motivating event for me."


Nashville, Tennessee

"My experience with Radiant Health Institute was wonderful! The two week training was full of great information on how to develop good coaching and marketing skills. The diversity of the group really helped provide a well rounded perspective on coaching. Dez did a great job of incorporating other modalities that enhance the coaching experience. I highly recommend!"


British Columbia, CANADA

"The training that I received from Dez Stephens at the Radiant Coaches Academy was absolutely outstanding. I had received a life coaching certification three years ago but the quality of Radiant's program FAR outweighed the training I had received prior. Radiant's program provides the proper tools for any coach (with any niche) who desires to provide excellent service to their clients. I am so excited for my next coaching session with my clients as I feel like I am now equipped to be a MUCH better 1-1 coach. The 65 hours of training went by SO FAST. Dez is very good at varying the content and at keeping everyone's interest. Even when there were parts of the training that didn't resonate with me as much it was still very interesting for me to learn new ideas! Other parts of the training that I like include: 1) The online support following the in-person coach training. 2) The fact that the 65 hours are accredited ICF coaching hours. 3) The amazing community of Radiant Coaches that I get to meet with on a regular basis. I am very grateful for Dez and the Radiant Coaches Academy for the wonderful Holistic Coach Training!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"The training you will receive from Dez Stephens and Radiant Coaching Academy is so much more than reading a book or listening to a webinar. Dez and her special presenters work IN PERSON to prepare you for the real world of the coaching business - explaining coaching techniques, role-playing sessions with clients, and marketing your practice. Oh, and especially important: When the training is over, you realize that you now have new friends and a support team of fellow coaches, including Dez herself. And by the way, the fact that Dez is smart, funny, and really good at what she does makes the training sessions that much more interesting and enjoyable." 



"Finding Dez Stephens' Holistic Coach Certification training and being accepted into the program was the best thing to happen to me. I had been wanting to become a certified coach for many years but the timing was never right - until now. When I read the description of the training and that it was in person, I knew instantly it was the one for me. Dez is a phenomenal trainer who gives it her all. She created a sacred safe place for us where I didn't just learn about coaching, which in itself was so informative, comprehensive and experiential but I also learned so much more about myself. I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to become a coach."



"The information was very beneficial and unbiased. The tools and techniques along with business development and marketing will definitely help get me far in my coaching business. The holistic approach was the main reason I chose Radiant Health. I don't think I would have been coaching correctly had I not come; and definitely wouldn't have met such an amazing and diverse group of people!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"Choosing Radiant Health Institute to complete my Holistic Wellness Coaching was already a part of my journey. Connecting with Dez, understanding her vision, and her commitment to her students I immediately new I wanted to be a part of this magic! Throughout my training I started to really apply my new experience and heightened awareness in everyday occurrences. Radiant Health Institute, Dez and my fellow students helped me to realize the beauty of my gifts. How incredibly special each and everyone of us are. Finding the courage, confidence and self-love to believe in yourself, and YOUR dreams!!"



"The Holistic Coach Training was very practice-oriented, inspirational and worthwhile information that students can use in both professional and personal life. Trainers combined theory, examples and interacted with the students, extracting their valid points and contributions as a group. I do appreciate their invitation as a guest speaker and I most cherished the passion that the founder Dez Stephens put into the program aiming to help others."



"RHI holistic coach training can not only change your professional life, it can absolutely transform your personal relationships! I have gained a strong personal and professional network through the training and solid skills to support people from all walks of life. Dez is a great trainer and adds value to the training by bringing in experts that help you hone your skills and customize your practice. I would recommend this training to anyone looking to develop or refine their coaching skills!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"The Holistic Coach training from Radiant Health Institute is a great opportunity to build skills around coaching in all topic areas. Dez is a skilled trainer with deep knowledge of her subject and the business. This program will kick start your career."


Nashville, Tennessee

"If you are contemplating going through this training program, please don't hesitate to do so. If you are here, it must be for a reason. When I first came across this program, I felt deeply connected to the cause of helping others to live more holistic lives. In the process, I realized that I was in deep need of the incredible transformation that occurs during this training. The beauty is that you get to impact others with the overflow of all that you receive from Radiant Health Institute."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I cannot thank RHI enough for the wonderful training provided. I have been to countless workshops and trainings in my 26 years of mental health provision and I can say with absolute honesty that this one has been my most enjoyable. The structure is certainly conducive to learning, the information is invaluable, and the comradery has been outstanding. Dez is very generous in imparting her wisdom and I have no difficulty in recommending her as a Holistic Coach Trainer to anyone seeking to learn this craft. Thank you for all you have so thoughtfully and graciously given."



"I really did not have any expectations when I went into the training, but I came out with much more than I could have ever imagined. After the first day, I was forced to look at myself and deal with things that were going on with me. The course is not designed that way, but that is the magic of it. I did not want it to end. I cannot say enough about Dez. She is like a walking resource for all things healing. She is clearly in her purpose and I am so glad she was obedient to all she was told. I cannot wait to see what Radiant Institute's journey will be. I am so blessed to have been a part of it. This course changed my life."


Nashville, Tennessee

"What an amazing experience! It was truly divine timing finding RHI and Dez. I had been searching for the right life coaching program for me - and I found it! Not only was the program comprehensive, but also taught from a holistic perspective, which really spoke to my heart. The training filled my mind and body with a deep knowledge and understanding while setting my soul on fire with inspiration! Dez's vast expertise, along with her warmth and compassion provided a sweet and open container for us to learn. We also were allowed wonderful time and space to connect with our fellow trainees and support each other during our process. I learned so much about coaching, but so much about myself too! This training was really a life-enriching experience! It deepened me as a person and provided me the guidelines and tools to help others do the same. Now I feel prepared and am to share with my clients and the world!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"I am fortunate to have found the inspiring Holistic Life Coaching program at Radiant Health Institute! The classes were held in an intimate setting with creative and energizing content and discussions. Dez Stephens and other successful coaches shared their vast knowledge of what life coaching entails and were very affirming of my feeling of being "called" to serve others in this way. The coaching group is very supportive and assists during training and beyond. The program is very dynamic and is run by committed and helpful people. I would recommend this program to anyone that feels that life coaching is something they want to pursue."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I am just coming to the end of my Holistic Life Coach training with the Radiant Health Institute. I finished the actual training in a few weeks time - but the practicums (hour-long practice sessions with clients) and other assigned work have taken additional time, as well they should. Twenty practicum hours may seem like a lot - but this, of course, is where the real learning happens. It is in these initial sessions that I was able to put my training to use with the full support of Dez and other trainers at RHI who are there to answer questions and give advice at a moment's notice. This makes the learning process thorough, productive, and thrilling. My training with the Radiant Health Institute was one of the best experiences I've had in years. I learned a lot about how to be an effective coach; but I also learned how to be a better parent and friend. Dez is a wonderful teacher in every conceivable way. In truth, during the course of our training, she taught me as much about being a better person as she taught me about being a better coach. She constantly emphasized active listening, as well as maintaining full confidence that each and every client is the authority on her/his own life, and that our job, as coaches, is simply to help them find their inner compass with "positivity and professionalism." This practice affected even the way I deal with my own children. It must also be said that Dez is one of the most organized and accessible people I know - always willing to help however she can. If you have the chance to work with her, don't miss it."



"Becoming a successful Personal Development Coach has always been an aspiration of mine and I could not locate a better trainer to help me along this path than Dez Stephens. Dez's experience and background serves as the perfect foundation for this dynamic course. Her class provided me with a well-rounded, in-depth approach to the coaching world and thoroughly prepared me to begin helping others in the most productive and amazing ways. The information provided in the class surpasses that of any other coaching course and is incredibly beneficial to anyone looking to get into professional coaching. If you want to have unmeasured, profitable success in the coaching field, Dez Stephens is the trainer to get you there!"



"Radiant Health Institute's Holistic Life Coach training has been such a gift to me both personally and professionally. During our training, I learned what coaching is and isn't, and how to better utilize my own gifts to assist others in moving forward in their lives. This training gave me the confidence to guide clients and help them to see how they are in control of their own lives and how to take themselves from where they are now to where they want to be. As an intuitive coach and writer, this training also helped me see my own talents and gifts in a different light. I really enjoyed seeing how different coaching styles were effective - this assisted me in feeling more confident in my own abilities as a coach. Another incredible aspect of this training is meeting all of the wonderful coaches that are a part of the Radiant Health family. Many have become good friends and colleagues and I know I have a great support system if questions or needs ever arise in my own practice. Everyone I trained with had a different focus for their coaching, and I love that we each had our own niche in the coaching world! It is great knowing there are other coaches I can refer clients to if I cannot meet their needs. I also appreciated the holistic approach to life coaching that Radiant Health Institute teaches - it is a gentle and effective way of assisting clients. All in all, the Holistic Life Coach training I received from Radiant Health Institute was an awesome experience; it is a great foundation I can build upon as my practice continues to grow!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"I have nothing but GREAT words to speak of the training I have received from Radiant Health Institute. The people I have met will be and are my family forever. The amount of positive energy and love you will receive is PRICELESS. Dez has brought together the minds, hearts and souls that will no doubt lead the world into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. I would recommend Radiant Health Institute to ANYONE remotely interested in becoming a life coach or just a BETTER human being. I am eternally grateful and humbled for my experience. GO RADIANT HEALTH INSTITUTE!"



"Training received at Radiant Health Institute (RHI) brought insight about how coaching is gaining traction as a fast-growing industry because it is a viable way for whole-based treatment instead of band-aids and patchwork. It will revolutionize the way people resolve to solve issues, professionally and personally. I appreciate the passion Dez and Randy bring to RHI trainees; the staff showed up consistently with enthusiasm and light-heartedness. It was fantastic to experience this coach training with a diverse group of people - it added a twist of color & fun to the intensives."


Nashville, Tennessee

"If I had to describe my training experience by using one word, the word would be *phenomenal*. After the first day of training, I had already learned so much valuable information about Holistic Life Coaching. The overall class environment was relaxed, interactive and hands-on."



"My experience training with Radiant Health Institute (RHI) has been positively life changing. The teachings have inspired me to take a big look at my own life and explore how I can obtain deep meaning from my experience. My favorite aspect of training with RHI is the intimate class size. In this environment there is ample time for exciting Q & A, real-time life coaching sessions performed in front of you, and opportunities for trainees to practicing coaching in front of the class and receive feedback. One of the biggest gifts of joining RHI is being welcomed into a supportive group of artists, healers, philosophers, entrepreneurs, and trauma survivors (to name a few) - all who are committed to uplifting humanity. At RHI, you will learn all the tools you need run a successful life coaching business. Founder, Dez Stephens, is truly a visionary with 8 years experience in the field of coaching who has abundant information to share. Radiant Health Institute holds a grand vision of success for its trainees. This is an incredible opportunity to invest in you and make a living doing what you love!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"I can say with sincerity that the Radiant Health Institute training was a pleasure to go through. Dez and Randy are wonderful trainers. Dez is able to make you feel confident in your ability to coach others - her methods for life coaching effectively are so valuable, as I'm sure many of my clients would agree. She shares a great deal of information from reliable open-ended questions to use in sessions to ways to boost business. Randy has many wonderful insights to share to the class as well - he is a great resource for information on well-established life coaches, and adds depth to the RHI studies by sharing information on life coaching from his studies and experiences. Not only did this training come to a benefit to my clients, it was a benefit to me as well. Every class you find yourself assessing the way you work on yourself, so the progression the client takes is one that is shared with the coach as well. I feel prepared and eager to help others, and am glad to have had the experience of training at RHI."



"This training program will essentially change your life! Once you complete it you have all the tools you need to be self-employed. Dez has such a laid back yet effective teaching style making me feel comfortable at each class meeting. She remains available after you finish the program in case you have questions or need help with anything. I feel very supported by her during this process. If you're thinking of becoming a Certified Holistic Life Coach, I definitely recommend Radiant Health Institute."



"The life coach training at Radiant Health Institute changed my life. It made me see sides of myself I didn't know I had and view my life from a new perspective. Trainer, Dez Stephens, made it so easy to understand the concept of coaching and as I did my practicum sessions, I realized that it really was an easy way to help people discover their own secrets to a more fulfilling life. I thoroughly enjoyed Dez's style of teaching and would highly recommend the program for anyone who wants to learn to be a life coach."


Nashville, Tennessee

"If you are interested in exploring a career as a coach, I encourage you to contact Radiant Health Institute. Apart from being a comprehensive training experience, you also have immediate access to resources and contacts which support you and your clients in your practice. The folks at Radiant Health Institute walk the walk and make sure their coaches hit the ground running!"



"Radiant Health Institute provides all the elements to start your successful Holistic Life Coaching business. I was able to learn how to successfully market my business, create a mission, and network with others of diverse backgrounds. I was able to meet so many different people as I went through training. Their support and Dez's really helps you along through the program. I would definitely recommend Radiant Health Institute for anyone looking for Holistic Life Coaching Certification. You will receive meaningful training that will not only help you to help others create a Holistic Life but it will also help you enhance your holistic life."


Franklin, Tennessee

"I have a masters degree in counseling and after taking Dez's life coaching training, I have to admit that the information, education, manual and learning was amazing. It was almost as informative as my 2-year masters degree! This training gives the participants the nuts and bolts to having solid, productive, transformational sessions with clients. Dez's teaching style is smooth, easy to understand and SO informative! From learning about ethics to client exercises, she truly is masterful with her life coaching skills. What a great gift this training is for my clients. Life coaching is what every therapist should add to their practice. For me, counseling helps with issues from the past and life coaching gives us the tools to move clients forward, out of their issues and into the life they have only been able to dream about. I highly recommend this training to the professional and layperson. Both will gain valuable knowledge and training in how to be a very successful life coach!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"I just finished taking the Holistic Life Coach training at Radiant Health Institute with Dez Stephens. Having a strong back ground as a motivational speaker, I went to the training thinking I knew so much of it. I was wrong! Dez breaks down the training in bite-size pieces and makes the training easy to understand and emulate. Learn how to coach, how to run the business part of it, how to handle your own life in the meantime. Walk away with a pocket full of techniques and client exercises. To anyone considering training, look no further. Train with the best and be the best of the best."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Working with Dez was fantastic! I would recommend this training for anyone interested in starting a career in Life Coaching or anyone that wants to gain a helpful toolkit for communicating with others. It felt natural to come together as a group, and I was able to meet others with similar interests in the community. I feel more equipped and empowered as an individual to explore my goals in Life Coaching!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"This is a wonderful program, with what I believe to be the best 'hands on' type of training available. Dez along with other past graduates offer insight, information and assistance on so many levels, each with their own unique perspective. This is a program where you will be challenged to find yourself as well as help others. It's so important to watch, participate and guide others through this process, so you understand every aspect of coaching."



"Radiant Health Institute teaches each of us that we have the passion, wisdom and power within us to create our life to live our dream. By sharing the coaching relationship as an union, a partnership, to guide a process of inquiry that empowers and guides clients to reconnect with their own inner wisdom, to find their own answers to this life."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute is an excellent training ground for individuals who are seeking to start a career in life coaching. Dez creates an atmosphere that is informative and welcoming. Dez's years of experience shine through her pedagogical practices. Radiant Health Institute is an accredited institute that will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to become a successful life coach."


Nashville, Tennessee

"The training I received through Radiant Health Institute (RHI) was relevant and interesting, and I feel very confident in my coaching skills. Dez is a very thorough instructor and I'm proud to be a graduate of RHI."



"I found this course to be very informative. As a massage therapist for over 25 years, I am always looking for ways to deepen my practice and to be an ever-expanding resource for my clients. This training for Holistic Life Coaching has been the perfect next step for me. The training I received was more than I expected and the course is presented in a very concise way which allowed me to hit the ground running and start asking all the right questions to support my clients in their journey toward wellness."


Nashville, Tennessee

"WOW! Radiant Health Institute's Holistic Coach certification program is hands down a remarkable value for your time and money. An in-depth insight to the nuts and bolts of what exactly Holistic Life Coaching is and phenomenal marketing tips, together ensuring not only am I prepared as a Life Coach but I am equally equipped with the knowledge and tools from a marketing standpoint that will further my success in the field. I entered the program unsure of what I would learn and I left with not only a remarkable appreciation for the entire process and 'Coach Dez' but a sincere deep respect for those who choose coaching as a profession, and those who seek out coaching as a catalyst to a happier healthier life."



"The Holistic Life Coach training program from Radiant Health Institute was a wonderful and affirming experience. Dez is an inspirational and motivational Master Trainer. She created a safe and nurturing environment for us to educate, explore and expand--our horizons, our health and our hearts."



"I am 48 years old and was ready to take a leap of faith and explore the field of Life Coaching but did not know were to start. I began searching on the web and came across Radiant Health Institute's website. At first I was skeptical but after reading the testimonials of previous trainees, I quickly changed my mind. This training has been one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I love the intimacy of the classroom setting and how comfortable I was made on day one. Dez is a wonderful teacher and guide with her training techniques. I have not only learned invaluable knowledge, but I have been able to hone in on my own skills that were hidden for so long."


Nashville, Tennessee

"It's funny how I entered into Dez's training expecting to learn all these fantastic tools that would help me to help others, but what actually happened was healing for ME!! She is such a skilled trainer, that as she was instructing us, she was helping us to see ourselves more clearly in this process. After all, how can one effectively support another in their growth, if they themselves are held back by blocks and fear. Even though I wasn't feeling well, her style kept me engaged and thirsty to learn more. I'm certain that I'm more equipped to serve others after training with Radiant Health Institute!! I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a warm, genuine spirit such as her. The energy in that space was phenomenal, and I would CERTAINLY recommend her to anyone interested I this field."



"Radiant Health Institute is a great place to receive all of your coaching needs. Dez is a transformational coach and she creates an atmosphere conducive to learning, exploring and sharing. Her differentiated style of instruction appeals to the audio and visual learner. Radiant Health Institute's training is life-changing for the future life coach."



"I am so blessed to have met Dez Stephens at such a pivotal time in my life and to hear all about Radiant Health Institute. I had never heard about holistic life coaching before and I am very happy to have taken her training. It started me on a life-changing journey that I am truly grateful for, and that I can now share my gifts with others! I loved how it was so different from any other training I have ever been to...very experiential, thought-provoking and inspirational. It opened my eyes to a whole new world in addition to the counseling one I have been in. I am so honored to be part of the team and highly recommend this to anyone interested in training to be a life coach. You learn so much about yourself in the process and that is something you can't put a price tag on! Dez is an amazing teacher and truly cares about helping her students be the best holistic coaches they can be!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"My training with Radiant Health Institute and Dez Stephens has been a transforming experience. I received tools for the life coaching journey and also received the blessing of looking inward and discovering a gift to share with the world. Finally, after the first training I get the sense of being in a new space; a subtle shift in consciousness that is creating spaces for healing and embracing possibilities for self-growth."



"There is a saying, 'In order to coach, you have to be coached'. Doing this training you will feel the weight lifted off your shoulders, which you might not know you were carrying around. It provides you clarity and understanding, so you can help future clients get there as well. This training empowers you so you can empower others. It's an amazing feeling, while in class your learning, but it doesn't feel like learning-it feels like destiny."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute's training has impacted my views on looking at life as a joyful journey. I felt relieved to have no more fear of being myself and live in the state of authenticity. This coaching has put me back on my path to empower ordinary people to master their confidence, rebuild homes and life - a total lifestyle makeover and mastery in one. Thank you for unlocking my heart and my mind to regain freedom."


Memphis, Tennessee

"I cannot possibly put into words the way I truly feel about the training. First, the training completely changed my life. I have a good life however, this training showed me what I was searching for my life is full but, I would always say something is missing. I am a spiritual person but, I wanted to do something more to help people. The training was very informative, educational and truly wonderful. This information I will continue to use. I believe one of my favorite assignments was the Client Exercise and we could all view each others. I enjoyed everyday of the training. The marketing was great!!!!! Dez Stephens is one of the kindest and most unique spirits I have ever met. Training as a life coach through her was truly a spiritual experience and awakening. Dez is truly in her calling and I will forever be grateful to her for strengthening me to find my purpose."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I truly enjoyed my time as a trainee of Radiant Health Institute. I learned so much about myself, as well as my gift. It has helped me to be a stronger person as well as an awesome life coach. I loved being in class with people who were on the same journey as me, and I loved that Dez was a very loving, supportive and knowledgeable instructor. I would definitely refer people to the class!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"Discovering Radiant Health Institute and Dez is just the beginning to a life-changing journey that I am about to embark upon. The training and certification program have equipped me with the necessary tools to begin a thriving new business adventure. If you are looking to grow personally and professionally, this is the program for you."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Learning happens in many ways over time but it needs a catalyst. Dez is definitely a catalyst! She ignites curiosity and provides ways of satisfying that curiosity through discussion, exercises, quiet, relaxation, and compassion. Radiant Health Institute coaching training is some of the best training I have participated in. The learning that started with my first coaching class will continue in many obvious and unforeseen ways and for that I am very grateful to Dez and Radiant Health Institute!"



"The training is exceptionally great and above what I expected in the program. I thought the program was going to be a cookie cutter course and it was the opposite. The intimate classroom setting is conducive to an open and sharing learning environment that helps the life coach trainees to become comfortable to learn/share as both a group and individual. Dez is phenomenal and genuinely cares about the program/trainees. She is a team player that wants success for every trainee. Dez is authentic and a visionary. She shares the wealth of her knowledge with a free giving spirit. I enjoyed every day in training because I learned so much. I developed a strong sense of pride and accomplishment as a graduate from The Radiant Health Institute. Dez treats you as family and she embraces each unique being/personality. She is a spirit to be reckoned with that will continue to establish greatness in all she sets to accomplish."


San Franciso, California

"The course guided me in a professional and gentle way. The environment of the course was safe and supportive but also provided a sense of forthright knowing that inspired confidence. I feel ready to share my word with the world and I hope to help facilitate the growth of individuals as they find the strength within themselves to rise above and keep moving forward. I hope to ignite passion in others. I feel the specifics of dream work and analysis will be my greatest focus in helping people dive into their deeper sense of knowing and awareness."


Nashville, Tennessee

"To anyone considering attending Radiant Health Institute's life coach training - do yourself a favor and stop considering. Do it. I went in thinking I would learn learn how to help people move forward in their lives. And I did. What I wasn't prepared for was how much it would help me move forward. That was just the first weekend. I went home at the end of day 2 with so much on my mind I left my keys in the car running when I stopped for pizza. This training will empower you in ways you cannot imagine. Not to mention the bond you will make with other like-minded individuals in the class. A big thanks to Dez and all the rest of my cycle."



"If you are the type of person who can empathize with your colleagues, family, friends, work out of the heart, spread love and light and are highly self-motivated and disciplined, then this course will be top nourishment for your life career and soul purpose. Taught by Dez, a born leader and disseminator of critical information as well as talent scout and head marketer, you will learn all you need to know (which is already in you, you are 'home') to hone in and sell your life skills as a full-time career. This course is a portal to making a difference on every level of consciousness. A true gift to us all."


Nashville, Tennessee

"The training program of Radiant Health Institute is designed with the growth and achievement of the student's goals in mind while still supporting personal unfolding on an intimate level. The environment is laid out to create a warm, comfortable and safe atmosphere while each student gets the personal attention needed for questions and concerns. The classroom instruction is guided with a beautifully balanced combination of knowledge, intuition and experience. I feel very fortunate to have been accepted into this circle of loving souls!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"This course was simply amazing! Very eye-opening and resourceful for me. I definitely gained a sense of healing from the course, my classmates and instructor!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"There are many things and words that I could say that would describe the emotion, thoughts and experience I had during my training. In my heart of hearts I can say boldly and without Radiant Health Institute is simply life-changing."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I attended the January/Feburary 2015 Holistic Life Coach Training and I went in not knowing what to expect only to be incredibly awakened and inspired. I loved the experiential teaching which brought to life the coaching experience. Not only did I learn so much about coaching, the business side to it, but also about myself! The training also promoted a supportive network between classmates and Dez! I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in Holistic Life Coaching!"



"I am more than impressed and extremely grateful that I chose Radiant Health Institute for my Life Coach Training. It changed my life 100%. If you are serious about being a Life Coach, Radiant Health Institute is the way to go. Not only are you investing in an accredited Life Coach Training program - you are joining the Radiant Health Institute family. A lifetime of Life Coaching support, networking and friendships. Small in-person classroom, one on one attention and family type atmosphere. I traveled from mid-Michigan to Nashville...It was an adventure in more ways than one. I absolutely LOVE being a Radiant Health Institute Life Coach! Best Decision of my life!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"Dez Stephens, founder and lead teacher of RHI has created a very comprehensive, user friendly program that offers a professional and complete coaching education. As a graduate of RHI, I am confident in my abilities to offer innovative, caring and life changing coaching to my clients. The education I received at Radiant Health Institute met all my expectations."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I found that the life coaching course was rather insightful and provided me with variety of new ways to guide a client into the best direction for them without giving them my personal advice. I liked the idea of empowering the client with ideas to come to their own resolutions in regards to personal problems and goals. The best part of the course was how I was able to adapt the training methods used in life coaching to benefit other aspects of my own life, including my practice as a licensed massage therapist and intuitive advisor. Dez is a great teacher due to the fact that she is personally motivated and inspired by her work as a teacher and coach. Throughout the course she remained very relatable and I found the information very useful in a practical sense. During the training I enjoyed the one-on-one connection and intimate class size."


Nashville, Tennessee

"The training I received from Radiant Health Institute was top notch! At the time of my training, I was in my last semester of receiving a Master's of Science degree in School Psychology. I have incorporated my degree with holistic life coaching in order to move my clients toward self-awareness in their own lives, and to promote pro-social behavior for people facing adverse situations. Radiant Health Institute gave me the tools I needed to help my clients live an authentic, true-to-self life. I have also applied the principals I learned in my training to my own self, my husband and my children, allowing all of us to use the tools from the training to become more self-aware. Thank you Dez!!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"My experience at Radiant Health Institute was absolutely uplifting and enlightening. I love how the student-teacher ratio was small so that we could all interact with each other. It was all so authentic and genuine to learn from Dez Stephens and her experience. At first I was thinking, 'How will I learn all of this in six days?' WOW I've been blown away in those six days and I wish we could do it again!!"


Northeast USA

"This course is amazing! The atmosphere of the class and the materials covered really give you the knowledge and confidence to go out and make a difference. The continuing support from Dez and the entire Radiant Health Institute really sets this course worlds apart from other programs. I highly recommend Radiant Health Institute to anyone looking to enrich their life and the lives of those around them."


North Carolina

"This training is life-changing. Not only will you receive the information needed to become a coach, you will work on yourself and move toward your most authentic self. Dez leaves nothing out during this training. You will learn about what coaching is and what it is not. You will learn client exercises, marketing strategies, and so much more. If you have ever considered coaching, this training is for you! This training is great for those who plan to add coaching to what they already do as well as for those who plan to do full-time coaching. The tools that you will have when you leave this training are truly priceless. RHI has given me the opportunity to make a living doing what I love!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"This training has literally changed my life and my thought process. I am naturally a caring and nurturing person with a heart for the hurting. I have always been the 'go to' person in my personal and professional life for those seeking support and encouragement. As a trained holistic life coach, I now have the tools to continue serving in this role in a more succinct and meaningful way. I highly recommend this training to everyone on the same path."



"The training course is an amazing experience. The intimate setting of the course allows you to really connect with your classmates and the material while helping you to feel relaxed. The material offered in the course is well organized and taught in a way that is easy to follow. You leave feeling empowered and capable, eager to utilize the skills taught in order to start coaching and helping people immediately. Dez is a wonderful and uplifting teacher. The positive energy in the atmosphere during class follows you after you leave, and you walk away feeling beautifully different than you were before you came. Not only is it a catalyst for starting a new career path, it is a personal and spiritual journey that will awaken a calling in you that you can't ignore. I highly encourage you to become part of this experience, you will be so happy that you did!"



"I was led to consider becoming a Life Coach for one of the reasons that I think many people enter this field; the desire to help others. After all, people had been asking for my advice for years. And I like to think that my input was helpful. I chose Radiant Health Institute for my training because of its emphasis on 'finding balance' as a key component in its philosophy, the amount of time required and the solid foundation that it provided. After we started our classwork, I began to realize the difference between giving advice and helping others find clarification, balance and resolution for their dilemma(s) using the process of Holistic Life coaching. What I discovered is that both are rooted in the same desire, but the end result is totally different. When I gave advice, I handed people 'my answer' or 'my take' on their situation. However, using the Holistic Life Coaching model, I help individuals find, discover or realize their own tool, path, or solution for their issue. I started the program with the desire to help people, and I finished with the knowledge, training and support to assist others to empower themselves. That is where I want to come from. The training, knowledge, understanding and support that Dez Stephens (Founder of Radiant Health Institute) provides is a wonderful platform for anyone wanting to go into the Holistic Life Coaching field. I highly recommend the entire process."


San Francisco, California

"A beautifully well done program. From the very first day you can see yourself coaching and helping others in a profound way. Dez is a delightful trainer and her knowledge and experience shines through. Her approach to training coaches is truly holistic. This program really prepares you to be a coach as well as enables you to market your services, helping you connect to those you are here to help. I am so grateful to have found this program and have been recommending it ever since!"


Franklin, Tennessee

"I attended Radiant Health Institute's training and certification course not knowing what to expect. I had been instinctively working with individuals, small groups and large audiences inspiring and empowering them for many years, but I never considered myself a Life Coach. Coming into the training, I kept an open mind: I'd soak up the knowledge and 'see what happened.'
By the end of the first day, my notebook was filled with the notes, quotes, tips and information Dez was spilling out like jewels (I was seriously in awe with how much good stuff she just kept giving us). I didn't want the first weekend to end. The second weekend was just as rich with knowledge, guidance and inspiration, and by the end of the course I knew RHI training was life changing for me. The whole course is immersive, well structured, packed with valuable information, and balanced out with guest speakers, health tips, practice coaching mock-ups and just enough time to connect with the rest of the students in the cycle for support and lasting friendships. RHI training to me felt more like a retreat than a training and certification course. And that's the best part of this course - it gives trainees the tools and a certificate, but more importantly the inner joy, confidence and excitement."


Franklin, Tennessee

"The training through Radiant Health Institute encompasses all facets of the wellness spectrum. The method of delivery is very fluid and sufficiently meets the needs of all different types of coaches enrolled in the training. You will be inspired and empowered to meet your goals for coaching every step of the way. Also, the support doesn't end after the training, which sets RHI's Holistic Training apart from other programs. Overall, this is a very well done program that I highly recommend."


Wake Forest, North Carolina 

"I chose to take my holistic coach training through Radiant Health Institute for several practical reasons: RHI is accredited through International Coach Federation, proving the rigorous training meets ICF's high standards. The accreditation coupled with live, in-person training sessions, convenient locations, and very reasonably priced tuition with interest-free payment won me over. At the time, I didn't realize I was in for a truly transformational experience. Compassionate and generous, trainer Dez Stephens possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise not only in the field of coaching, but in marketing and entrepreneurship, as well. Dez's relaxed teaching style puts trainees at ease and her optimism is contagious. RHI's Holistic Coach Training Course is detailed and comprehensive; Dez is available to trainees not only during the training but throughout the certification process and beyond. Characteristic of Dez's generosity, she really and truly wants her trainees to succeed, and she believes we will! Coaches certified through RHI will find Dez will be your most ardent cheerleader and supporter; I am humbled to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced as she is on my team. I am so very grateful to RHI and Dez Stephens; my experience has already been positive and lifechanging, and I'm only just beginning this journey!"


Atlanta, Georgia 

"The Holistic Coach Training through Radiant Health Institute is, in a word, amazing. Dez Stephens and her co-trainers/presenters offer everything a person needs to become an effective Life Coach. Dez's energetic and entertaining facilitation style makes learning an almost effortless process. The training days move quickly, so quickly that you're sorry they are finished! The information is absolutely comprehensive. From fundamental coaching concepts, to wellness and awareness techniques, to the nuts and bolts of a self-run business, this program covers it all. One of the most exceptional aspects of this program, is that it not only prepares you to do the coaching work, it also prepares and on-goingly supports you as an independent professional. I have already and will continue to recommend the Radiant Health Institute program to anyone who is interested in this career. It's a gem and I feel honored to have been a part of it!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"The Holistic Life Coach Training offered through Radiant Health Institute is absolutely excellent. The 3-day sessions are full of information and very insightful. Therein, you learn life-changing strategies to improve the quality of life not only for clients, but for yourself. The relaxed atmosphere and adequate pacing in teaching make the acquisition of the content easier as well as the retention of the approaches. Radiant health Institute provides quality training and pushes the student to stretch themselves by opening their minds to the possibilities and approaches that can help all live a better life through producing quality coaches. I really love the intimate setting for the training allowing the cohort model to develop in their individual niches together and garner a genuine spirit of collaboration that leads to successful networking."


Clarksville, Tennessee

"The ability to pull out empowerment and self-confidence in every individual I encounter. That is what aspiring to become a life coach means to me. To assist my clients in discovering their inner strength will be my most precious intangible gift that I can ever give that will continue to give throughout their life. Thank you entirely Dez for helping me on my journey of discovering my purpose in life. It truly means the most."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute's Holistic Life Coach Training was everything promised and more. Dez Stephens creates a relaxed, unintimidating learning environment. She takes time to develop and nurture her students' confidence. By the time I completed my certification requirements, I felt ready to call myself a professional coach. The curriculum has been designed in a responsible and thoughtful way. I especially appreciated the teachings on boundaries/ethics and authenticity. Dez teaches not only the fundamentals of coaching, but also the step-by-step process for getting started on the way to growing a thriving coaching practice. I left the last day of classroom training armed with plenty of ideas to begin to formulate a marketing plan. I'm having fun working those steps and deciding how I want to present my unique capabilities. I feel especially excited and honored to be part of the RHI network of coaching practitioners."



"Coming to Radiant Health Institute was one of the best decisions I have ever made! My coach training left me so prepared for real world coaching! After such an intense and beneficial program at Radiant Health Institute, my confindence in my skills has more than quadrupled!! I am certain that I can be a successful coach and I have the tools necessary! I would recommend Radiant Health Institute, not only to future coaches, but to anyone who wants to go along the path of self discovery and personal transformation. Thank you Radiant Health Institute!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute for the win! As a highly sensitive and intuitive person, groups and classes are not my thing -- I usually leave a class environment drained and dreading the next day. My experience with RHI was totally different. Not only was the learning space comfortable and relaxed, but the flow of each day was actually calming. The information was consistent and straight forward, and easily relatable. Dez is enormously gifted and highly intelligent, but, even more so, Dez is a builder. Much like a spider building a web. As a coach's coach, this quality is invaluable. And it's not only Dez, but her co-trainers and speakers as well. Everyone affiliated with RHI seems to sparkle and shine. For me, this was the most important. It is not often we come across a person who lives in the moment, fully trusting 'the process'. To see this comfort, trust, and ease in several people was truly inspiring. And now to have them all in my support network -- a blessing."



"Radiant Health Institute provides an intimate, sacred place to learn powerful tools to inspire and empower others to take responsibility for their own happiness. What sets this training apart from others is the available, supportive family of passionate RHI coaches. I would recommend this training to anyone who is ready to foster wholeness in the lives of themselves and others. You'll walk away with more than you expected!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"After 22 years in law, I woke up, remembered what sparked my soul to joy and started a journey back to my true self. Part of that journey was I wanted something more and to be of service in a positive way to others on their journeys. I found Radiant Health Institute and the program to becoming a Holistic Life Coach transformed my life. I no longer just had a drive and a knack to help others. Through the certification I received the skill set to help others remember their spark as a helpful guidepost in their journey. It was a beautiful experience and anyone would be blessed to join not only the next class session but the RHI family."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute's coaching training opened so many new doors for me. With different RHI alumni giving guest lectures, I was better able to see how rounded my future practice can be. RHI was a great experience for me filled with learning not only about how to be a holistic coach but how to be a better friend in general. RHI also helped me learn a lot about myself. It allowed for self-healing in areas of my life so as to be better present for all future clients. I would recommend RHI to anyone interested in being of service to others. Whether you would like to be a holistic coach or not, RHI has something to offer everyone."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I am manifesting my purposeful life now with the guidance of Radiant Health Institute! I am equipped with all the tools needed to assist my clients to their bliss. Thank you, Dez Stephens, for your expertise in this field. My destiny awaits me!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute's Holistic Coaching certification course provided a wealth of coaching information. I particularly appreciated the fact that the person-to-person classroom experience, combined with the information presented, proved to be particularly helpful in a very practical sense; offering the tools needed to immediately begin working successfully as a coach to assist others. Additionally, for any individual just beginning to establish a professional practice as a life coach, the marketing advantages that automatically come with working with Radiant Health Institute are priceless."



"Radiant Health Institute is planting the seed of self-awareness on how to live a life of authenticity. It is a natural ritual to healing the body, mind and spirit at any point along the life spectrum. Holistic life coaching is an inspiring and co-creative process of empowering the 'whole' person to the full comprehension of the situation. This process involves intuitive, active listening without judgment, and learning with curiosity for reflective observations. The communication is an organic flow through an experiential process; leading to transformation and awakening."


Northeast, USA

"I couldn't be more pleased about my experience with Radiant Health Institute (RHI). For me there is no substitute for hands-on, in-person training with people who are passionate about what they do. This is what you will get at RHI; trainers Dez and Randy really know their stuff and they are constantly striving to impart their expertise in the most useful and meaningful form possible. Dez Stephens has created a beautiful model for RHI where the benefits run on a reciprocal loop; our success is RHI's success and vice versa. I don't know whether it was intentional or just an amazing by-product of their design, but through training at RHI you will automatically become part of a community of creative and motivated coaches that will support you as you craft your practice. The directions you can take with this training are endless and the support you will receive as you hone your skills is invaluable. Training at RHI truly opens a door to infinite possibilities for you career and for your life!"



"I recently completed Life Coach Training at Radiant Health Institute and have been working toward my certification. I have to say Dez and Randy were outstanding trainers. This was a 5-day intensive and I was very impressed with their level of knowledge and professionalism in this pilot program. The curriculum and certification process are intense, but thorough, yet did not leave me feeling totally overwhelmed. There were moments here and there of, 'Oh my God will I be able to do this?' but usually due to my overthinking or over-analyzing. I was heard, encouraged, and given the tools and information I needed to move past those times and build my confidence. My ability to listen has always been a struggle, yet through this process, I learned. I really, really did! I'm grateful to be able to listen to clients patiently and with an open heart and mind. Dez's experience covers every possible situation and she put her heart and soul into providing us with all the information we needed to move forward into our practicums and become confident coaches. It is an interactive program but not uncomfortable at all (as some programs where you have to awkwardly 'perform' your new skills before you're really ready). We were made to feel very comfortable in the coaching practice and the feedback was constructive, direct and honest. Randy's insights and professional presentation just added another level to the experience. He's also an amazing Life Coach. Randy and Dez believe in this work and you can tell by the passion and enthusiasm they exude as they walked us through scenarios, laws, marketing...all facets of setting up a Life Coaching practice. I was inspired and look forward to a successful career in Life Coaching having received such a strong foundation. Thank you, Dez, for opening your heart to share this important work. Your gifts will live on in the many lives we will change!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"I really enjoyed the training and greatly benefited from it. The small group size is great. It's a good balance of breadth and depth of content. I love the great, practical content. The tools given were very helpful and that combined with the confidence I gained from the training as a whole is exactly what I needed to get started doing life coaching sessions. I was already a certified life coach from another school but I hadn't actually started giving people life coaching sessions because that previous training did not give me the specific, practical tools with which to do so. I found this program to be much better all around!"



"I am just coming to the end of my Holistic Life Coach training with the Radiant Health Institute. I finished the actual training in a few weeks time - but the practicums (hour-long practice sessions with clients) and other assigned work have taken additional time, as well they should. Twenty practicum hours may seem like a lot - but this, of course, is where the real learning happens. It is in these initial sessions that I was able to put my training to use with the full support of Dez and other trainers at RHI who are there to answer questions and give advice at a moment's notice. This makes the learning process thorough, productive, and thrilling. My training with the Radiant Health Institute was one of the best experiences I've had in years. I learned a lot about how to be an effective coach; but I also learned how to be a better parent and friend. Dez is a wonderful teacher in every conceivable way. In truth, during the course of our training, she taught me as much about being a better person as she taught me about being a better coach. She constantly emphasized active listening, as well as maintaining full confidence that each and every client is the authority on her/his own life, and that our job, as coaches, is simply to help them find their inner compass with 'positivity and professionalism.' This practice affected even the way I deal with my own children. It must also be said that Dez is one of the most organized and accessible people I know - always willing to help however she can. If you have the chance to work with her, don't miss it."


Clarksville, Tennessee

"One of my favorite things about the Holistic Coach training, done through Radiant Health Institute, was the hands-on learning. During the lessons and discussions, the trainer, Dez Stephens, implemented life coaching scenarios with the students in class. As the student, you also had the opportunity to take part in these practicums by playing the role of the coach and client. Not only did this help in the coaching learning experience, but also learning what it feels like to be the client. Outside of the class, there is an amazing outpouring of continued support from the teacher and previous students. I am very proud to say I have been trained as a Holistic Coach at Radiant Health Institute!"


Tennessee and Guatemala

"I really enjoyed the training I received with Dez, founder of Radiant Health Institute. The training covered a lot of bases for really creating a practice of holistic life coaching for myself. The subjects covered ranged from the basics of creating a welcoming, positive space, perspective shifting the marketing end of creating a practice. The holistic perspective and openness to and nurturing of the intuition of each individual really sets this training apart from all the rest. These skills and understandings are really core to becoming a successful life coach and from what I have found, Radiant Health Institute is the only course in the Southeast that covers all the bases."


Nashville, Tennessee

"I enjoyed the life coaching training course that I participated in through Radiant Health Institute. The instructor Dez was very informative and made you really see all the possibilities that you could implement in your service to helping others. I enjoyed the open discussions and the hands-on approach that was used as examples. I loved the class involvement and I am looking forward to growing my life coaching clientele. The Holistic Coaching program through Radiant Health Institute was truly a rewarding experience. I enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere that it provided. At first, I was a little doubtful in the beginning as to where in my career path I could incorporate a successful life coaching practice. I was very impressed with the fact that learning to be a life coach was having me look into who I truly was; inwardly. There was so much insight and direction about my life during each and every one of those classes! The life coaching classes allowed me to speak my truth out loud and know that how I felt should not carry any guilt. I heard the inner voice of self. Through these classes, I became empowered and was even more dedicated to helping others change their lives. The course was at a pace that was comfortable and there was such an even exchange of energy that it did not feel like a class. It felt like a meet-up group of old friends. I enjoyed my experience, the insight that I learned and the practices that I acquired through the class."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute is a wonderful life coaching certification program. It equipped me with all that one would need to become a SUCCESSFUL certified life coach. I say SUCCESSFUL so boldly because I am impressed with the program's committment to its students in regards to helping them home in on their craft, organize their practice, establish networking and marketing strategies, and, most importantly, RHI actively engages its students in self-care during the program. Throughout the program, I experienced a sense of peace and newness. It was a joy to be apart of this beautiful group of individuals. RHI was a wonderful program. The material was clear and illuminated my obligations as a life coach. The information was always relevant and up-to-date. The world is more technologically based and Dez provided information such as websites, books, technology, and apps that would keep our business operations advanced and simplistic. I have attended two universities, undergrad and grad. RHI met the standards of my college education and then some. I felt like I connected more with the knowledge provided (and the way in which it was provided) than I ever did in college. The interactive curriculum makes an individual thirst for more knowledge, making homework assignments enjoyable and making it easier to apply our knowledge in the real world. With RHI you are not just learning how to be a coach. You are learning how to live a better life."



"What I gained in my training is to acknowledge the importance to ask myself the right questions to understand myself better and therefore in that same way to be able to help others."


Nashville, Tennessee

"The information that was taught at RHI gave me a much better understanding of what life coaching is and perhaps equally as important, what it isn't. I believe that we are holistic beings that have a body, soul and spirit. Consequently, I appreciated that the curriculum addressed the whole person and acknowledged that systemic health is vital. I loved having my training in person vs. doing it online. This afforded me the opportunity to build relationships with my classmates, whom I continue to stay in contact with. This peer support is very helpful. Yet the biggest praise I have for RHI is the personal attention that Dez Stephens has given me after completing the course work. It can be overwhelming to apply what you have learned in the class and Dez has helped me navigate the sometimes stormy waters of launching a business. This accolade cannot be underestimated! Thank you, Dez!"



"This training has changed my life completely. I found that self is the answer to solve anything. I love to help other people in a different and effective way. With this course, I discovered that one is the answer to resolve any conflict that takes away peace and not let you achieve your goals or dreams."



"My training as a Holistic Life Coach was a wonderful experience for my personal life. The power I felt as I advanced through the training helped me to see that I can later support people who will need it. It was really rewarding. I would like to highlight the passion, interest and dedication of our trainer, Dez. With her nature and way of teaching, she makes this course a wonderful thing. It is a unique life experience and I have only thanks to everyone who were part of this process."



"In my life coach training, I expanded my vision for the way I see other people. I changed some views regarding directing the lives of my fellow human beings. How important it is to allow them to express themselves deeply inside with the purpose of them being present in this life - what they love, what they crave, what they like and make them happy!" 



"The Holistic Coach Training through Radiant Health Institute was amazing. Dez Stephens is very professional. She knows what she is talking about and can see the greater potential and several possibilities that exist for you. This program is very comprehensive as it gives you all the tools to be a real Life Coach, because not only does it help you to see from another angle, it makes you want to be better every day, watching life optimistically. The Holistic Coach Training through Radiant Health Institute helped me to open up about myself in meaningful ways. This training is wonderful because it provides you clarity and knowledge to help your clients to understand themselves and helps you to find yourself. Radiant Health Institute focuses on helping you to create a life coach career doing what you love!"



"The program was excellent. Dez was an amazing coach, very approachable, didactic and methodic. The experiential workshop succeeded all my expectations. By doing all the exercises during the course I could really connect and be self-aware of my own process and learn so many valuable techniques for my coaching career." 



"Taking the RHI Holistic Coach training has been a very rewarding experience because of the fact that now I can be a life coach trained and certified. I can help other people to be a better version of themselves, to move toward their goals and objectives or treat a particular topic. Being trained by Dez will change your life, your warmth and your perception of life. The group practices will allow you to get to know yourself better, to redefine who you are and how you perceive yourself. It will also reacquaint you with your inner self, your present life, your values, your strengths and your areas of opportunity. You can feel happy about who you are at this time or take action to change and become who you really want to be and to live a full radiant life. In addition, you get to meet special and wonderful people who are on the same path as you to pursue personal and spiritual growth. They are the great complement to being trained by Dez. I highly recommend to do it with your partner like I did. You will have the opportunity to see and experience a different appreciation of it and it will unite you more in your relationship."


Nashville, Tennessee

"Radiant Health Institute and specifically Dez Stephens has helped change my life. I had been in the field of psychology, but had wanted to be Holistic Life Coach for so long. I had looked so many times at the online programs that not only lasted a very long time but were considerably higher priced than Dez's program. Being a single mom of two children, I had been unable to pursue that dream. Then one day I was sitting with a mom that also has a psychology background and was actually doing therapy but was tired of spending so much time with her clients in the past. She told me about Radiant Health Institute In Nashville, Tennessee - said that it was an ICF certified program that was IN-PERSON! I was shocked because I knew nothing about it. I immediately went home and applied. Not only was Dez Stephens AMAZING in all that she taught, but on top of her program there is 12 weeks of online courses on how to market your coaching practice. Dez was so knowledgeable, professional and most of all a VERY successful coach that knew what it took to get there and how to be really good at it. She gave so many examples and how to handle various situations and most of all how to stay present with clients and also how to keep them in the present too. I can not recommend this program enough. Everyone I encounter - I immediately let them know about it if they say anything about helping other people. As I said at the beginning the program, it has not only changed my career path that I have wanted to be on for so long, but my own life as well. I will forever be grateful to Dez Stephens and Radiant Health Institute for one of the most amazing experiences of my life."



"Because of my training with Radiant Health Institute for Holistic Coaching, I am now convinced this is my life purpose. I am using my gifts and delivering my love and power to help humankind through coaching. It is wonderful. I am grateful to have found this wonderful group of coaches. We are a big family."


Nashville, Tennessee

"The Holistic Life Coach certification training by Radiant Health Institute was eye-opening for me on many levels. I learned as much about myself as I did about the process and business of being a Life Coach. For me, the most powerful part was getting to watch a real-life coaching session! By watching the whole process unfold in front of me I gained an insight that you just can't get from any book or lecture alone. I literally saw the "ah-ha" moment that the client experienced just by being supported and asked some seemingly simple questions. It was then that I fully understood the positive impact that a life coach can have. This wasn't just a rubber-stamp certification process. Without a doubt, I am now a better coach because of Radiant Health Institute!"


North Carolina

"My training with Radiant Health Institute wasn't my first exposure to life coach education. I completed another coach training program in the past, which primarily utilized a tele-course approach. Although the content of the other program was undeniably of high quality, it simply can't compare in scope and personal impact to this program where ALL the training is completed face-to-face! Dez is an excellent coaching instructor, and her obvious experience clearly came through during class time. The program content is well designed, and each and every student enjoys a high quality and interactive experience. In addition to the educational content, the wonderful privilege of developing deep relationships with fellow students was a priceless bonus. I highly recommend this program to any prospective students looking for a reasonably priced, 100% classroom-based program. You can't go wrong with an in-person educational experience based on a foundation of stellar content coupled with soulful delivery."



"Holistic life coach training showed me how to become an active listener, read body language and taught me the right procedures for coach/client interaction. You learn what life coaching is and what it is not. Trainer Dez Stephens shares incredible first-hand knowledge from years of coaching, but also from a great understanding of mind-body-spirit. She emphasizes considering all parts of a person to give the most comprehensive coaching available. Her business and marketing expertise is the ideal marriage for training on how to become and thrive as an independent practitioner. I enjoyed my classmates immensely, and felt that we shared the purpose of helping others though most of us would be specializing in different areas. Consequently, I also learned from them. Overall, the RHI Holistic Life Coach Certification Program taught me, challenged me and gave me awareness not just in how to life coach, but also how it feels to be coached. The practicums have really helped me break-the-ice and given me the confidence to take my client's lead and provoke them in positive way using appropriate methods. I feel very confident as well as honored to say that RHI certified me."


Tybee Island, Georgia

"My training through Radiant Health Institute was dynamically life changing! Not only did it integrate into my current work practice but it created a new work dynamic, gave me a new way to talk to my family in a more productive growing manner and lead me on an unexpected personal journey of introspection and soul development. It doesn't matter what your career is or if your looking to start a new one, this training translates to any field within this unique organic training program. The main trainer, Dez Stephens, truly gives you all the tools you need to start a successful career. She is a inspiration! I loved this experience so much I didnt want it to end! It left me feeling confident and inspired to do what I do best - help and inspire my clients."



"My Holistic Life Coaching training through RHI was incredible and life changing. I was really excited about becoming certified in a new career that is on the forefront of helping others, but I didn't realize how much I would learn or how rich and indepth the quality of the classes would be. Since life coaching has such a forward momentum and is such a great new career, there is no century-old information you have to get through. ALL of the material and information is current, practical and applicable to current times. I have always been 'that person' who others seek out for advice. Now, not only do I have the means to make a career out of helping others, but I am equipped with practical tools and methods that will, in a very real way, actually help others get to where they want to be. Life Coaching through Radiant Health Institute is the best time/money I have ever spent!"



"When I first considered training with Radiant Health Institute, I wasn't quite sure how Life Coaching would fit into my business. After the first day of training I knew it was exactly what I needed. As a yoga instructor, I wanted to to offer my clients a greater foundation for self-care and healing. The training I received from RHI is the perfect complement because of its holistic nature. Not only did I learn to provide holistic support to my clients and properly market my services, I also received tools to enhance my own self-care."


Nashville, Tennessee

"My training through Radiant Health Institute has assisted me both personally and professionally. One of the big reasons I wanted to go through this training was to improve my listening skills. After just one class I could tell a difference in how I listened and communicated with friends, students, and family. The lead trainer, Dez Stephens, is a gifted coach and a treasure trove of knowledge. She went above and beyond to provide us with all the tools neccesary to become respectable, caring and professional holistic life coaches. The tools and techniques I have learned have easily integrated into my current profession. What adds exceptional value to this program and really sets it apart is the class on Marketing. Dez shared her '34 Tips To Market Yourself' program with us before we ended our last class. It made me feel confident and inspired to go out and promote my business in ways I never have thought of. I am truly grateful for this progam and the Radiant Health Community. It is a beautiful community to be a part of!"



"My training and overall experience at Radiant Health Institute was very integrative and inspiring! There was a lack of competitiveness and in its place was a camaraderie and support for us all to flourish with our gifts even if some of us were doing similar modalities. There was an overall feeling of inclusiveness and honoring as we dug deep into training. I learned a lot about what life coaching is and what it isn't (ie: "coaching" vs. 'counseling"). The marketing tips were helpful as were the mock coaching sessions. As my training at RHI progressed, it also became a forum from which to thrive and encourage each other to reach our goals. Several of the wonderful classmates I met through my time at RHI have become good friends to whom I can refer my own clients to if a client has needs beyond my scope of expertise; I do so with hopes of keeping in the flow of developing a harmonious foundation for our beautiful conscious community of healers and visionaries to thrive in service of humanity. RHI has given us all a forum and place to do exactly that. I am grateful, proud and honored to be a part of the Radiant Health Institute's Community!"


Nashville, Tennessee

"I can honestly say that the Holistic Life Coaching training I received from Radiant Health Institute (RHI) was life-altering. Before I attended the training, I didn't really know what to expect, as I had heard the term 'life coach' but had never had any experience with life coaching. By the time the training was over, I obviously had a very deep appreciation for life coaching, both as a coach and a 'coachee.' But far beyond that, I had completely changed my perspective on my own business - and my own life.

On the business side, the skills and techniques I learned in the training made me realize that my 'consulting' business had been very limited without life coaching as one of its key components. There's a huge difference between consulting clients who expect you to have all the answers and essentially do the work for them, and coaching clients who want you to help them come up with the answers and then do the work themselves. One of the biggest lessons I learned from the training was the importance of guiding people to make their own discoveries, draw their own conclusions and develop their own plans of action. If one just hands them ideas and solutions, they won't have nearly the incentive to act that comes with owning the ideas and solutions themselves because they came up with them on their own. I feel the training gave me all the skills I need to help my coaching clients do just that.

On the personal side, one totally unexpected side-effect of the training was my own self-discovery. Through learning and trying out the coaching techniques, I found myself looking at my own life and my own circumstances in a completely different light. I realized - just as a coach helps clients to realize - that I had far more control over my life and its outcomes that I had ever thought before. In this way, the training has empowered me, regardless of any coaching I may do with my own clients in the future. In addition, the training gave me - a true 'left-brained,' analytical person - a chance to get deeply in touch with my spiritual and emotional side in a way I had never been able to do before.

I would be remiss if I did not make specific mention of our trainer, Dez Stephens. I don't think the training would have had half the impact if Dez had not been the wise, skilled 'Sherpa' that she was on our journey. Beside the fact that she has obviously gained a tremendous depth of experience in her own seven-plus years of coaching, she displays a truly special empathy for and connection with those who are fortunate enough to be her students. Most impressive were her demo coaching sessions during our classes, when she skillfully demonstrated exactly how to apply techniques and concepts we learned in the lectures. She showed an uncanny ability to cut directly to the heart of issues with the subjects she coached. And to boot, she has a phenomenal memory. As a result, nothing gets past her! Dez is truly a 'natural' in the field - a rare one indeed.

Based on my own profound experiences in my training, I would recommend RHI's Holistic Life Coaching training to anyone with an interest in the field. It has changed me forever for the better."


Louisville, Kentucky

"My favorite part of the training at Radiant Health Institute is the community that comes with it. Not only does Dez truly embody that there is abundance for everyone and will help you find yours. But every other RHI coach I have worked with has the same mind set and will do whatever they can to help or support you!"