Shannon Kring and Dez Stephens present

A Transformative Retreat I Copán, Honduras
November 11-18, 2018

The Classic Era Maya believed that Copán, Honduras, was where the veils between the worlds-between the earth and spirit planes-was the thinnest. It is here, deep within the heart center of the Americas, that you will engage in powerful healing ceremonies, rites of passage, and initiations on jungle-covered mountaintops overlooking spectacular Maya ruins. Like so many who came before you, you will come here to heal your heart, to reconnect with the wisdom of your highest self, and to experience the wonder of spiritual awakening.

Retreat Includes • All transportation within Honduras • Seven nights accommodations at Hacienda San Lucas or Terramaya • All wholesome, delectable meals lovingly crafted by multi-generational Maya Ch'orti' women • Sunset Welcome Reception overlooking Copán Valley and Maya ruins • Welcome Dinner under the stars • Pine-covered mountaintop Temazcal (Maya sweat lodge and prayer ceremony) conducted by a medicine woman • Delicious Maya Superfoods Dinner at the home of archaeologist David W. Sedat, PhD, and his chef wife, Julia • Fascinating presentation by Dr. Sedat on ancient Maya spirituality, plant medicines, and healing rituals • Transformative Maya Sacred Fire Ceremony at the home of a Maya Ch'orti' elder • Healing Water Blessing and Energetic Cleansing workshop at a natural thermal springs and pilgrimage site • Tzolk'in (Maya Sacred Energy) Movement Ritual at a Pre-Classic Era Maya women's medicine site • Sacred Foods Workshop and hands-on Cooking Class with Family-Style Lunch • Writing Workshop at ancient vortex and fertility site • Heart-Healing Session • Archaeologist-Guided Copán Ruins Tour • Re-Immersion Excercise for back home • Daily Morning Meditations, Dream Gatherings, Morning and Afternoon Workshops, and Sharing Circles

Longtime friends, Shannon Kring and Dez Stephens work individually to bring life-transforming events to locations around the world. In 2013, Dez attended one of Shannon's popular Copán retreats and fell in love with the country. They have since brought Dez's Radiant Coaches Academy Training and Certification Program to Honduras. 


Shannon is an Emmy-winning producer, internationally acclaimed speaker, fearless humanitarian, and award-winning author. She is a United Nations World Tourism Organization Liaison and Honduras' Goodwill Ambassador. She works with the US Department of State, USAID, the United Nations Environment Programme, and many other global bodies on issues concerning marginalized members of society, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and cultural preservation. She is star of the forthcoming traveladventure TV cooking series Sacred Foods.


Dez Stephens is the founder of Radiant Health Institute, a social enterprise and prominent coach training school that certifies individuals as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. The primary purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to enhance lives through special events, holistic coach training and meaningful publishing. Dez is a certified life coach, master trainer & marketing strategist who is known for her great insight and compassionate support. She provides Holistic Coach Training and Certification Programs in Honduras and around the world. 

Daily Schedule

7 am - 8 am Morning routine
8 am - 9 am Breakfast
9 am - noon Morning teachings or field trip
Noon - 1 pm Lunch
1 pm - 3 pm Free time/private sessions
3 pm - 5 pm Afternoon teachings or field trip
5 pm - 6 pm Movement to enhance digestion
6 pm - 7:30 pm Dinner
7:30 - 8:30 pm Sharing circle 

Some days, there will be an off-site activity that alters the schedule. Some evenings, there will be a ceremony or ritual after dinner. With the exception of dream gathering each morning, silence will be kept from 9 pm to 9 am. In keeping with the traditions of various indigenous cultures, Monday is a lunar day, and will therefore be kept free for rest, exploring nature, creative expression, and integration. We will fast from dinner Sunday to dinner Monday.

Day 1 - Initiation - With international flights arriving at San Pedro Sula International Airport by noon, we will travel by private coach through the majestic Honduran mountains, en route to our destination of Copán. Our host property is Hacienda San Lucas, a 120- year-old eco-retreat overlooking the Copán Valley and ancient Maya ruins. Here, we will enjoy a Sunset Welcome Reception on the lawn. Afterward, we will enjoy a delectable three-course Maya Sacred Foods Dinner lovingly prepared by the hacienda's Maya Ch'orti' staff and hosted by Shannon and Dez. Following an inspirational welcome address during which Shannon introduces a bit of Copán history and lore, Dez will set the tone of the week by helping us set our intentions for the powerful week ahead. Those staying at Terramaya will then make the short trip across the Copán River, into the Pre-Columbian village of Copán Ruinas to check into their hotel.

Day 2 - Surrender - We begin the day at Gaia, an open-air meditation pavilion located at an ancient sacred site honoring the divine feminine. Here we will experience our daily morning routine: a Dream Gathering Workshop and Tzolk'in (Maya Sacred Energy) Meditation. We'll then travel high up through the pine-covered mountains to the jungle bordering Guatemala. Here, we'll experience Temazcal, an ancient Mesoamerican rebirthing ritual that takes place in a steamy, womb-shaped dome lit only by the red pulses of 13 hot lava rocks. Presided over by medicine woman Doña Zoila de Duke, this sweat and prayer ritual is incredibly transformative, invoking sacred Maya energies, and urging us to drop our inhibitions and to reconnect with the intentions of our highest selves. Lunch will take place in an open-air dining room surrounded by 180+ varieties of orchids, as well as heirloom cacao and coffee plants. Following free time, we will gather for dinner and sharing circle.

Day 3 - Lunar Day - In keeping with the traditions of various indigenous cultures, Monday is a lunar day, and will therefore be dedicated to rest, exploring nature, creative expression, and integration. Lunar Day is also a day of fasting, which will provide us with enhanced clarity and connection to the sacred. We will begin the day with our morning routine. In the afternoon, Shannon will lead a leisurely plant walk to Los Sapos, an ancient fertility and creation site and energy vortex, for a sacred invocation. It is here that Shannon will lead Raising the Royal Within, an introspective and eye-opening writing workshop inspired by Copán's Red Queen. This little-known, 5th Century Maya royal, the wife of Copán's dynastic founder, was buried with riches unparalleled in the Americas-including tens of thousands of relics and offerings that indicate she was a high priestess with incredible spiritual gifts. During this writing session, you'll call upon your riches within. In doing so, you'll release negative patterns, relationships, and situations, and gain life-changing insight and guidance to get clear on your most pressing life issue. As the sun retreats behind the turquoise-colored mountains, we will gather for a gentle and transformative movement exercise called Tzolk'in Movement, during which we will sob, laugh, whirl, moan, and stomp our way through feelings both positive and negative in a spirit-body ritual that invokes all 20 of the Maya day sign energies. The day will conclude with sharing circle.

Day 4 - Cleansing - Following breakfast and our morning routine, we will travel to a natural thermal springs to participate in a powerful Healing Water Renewal Ceremony that includes an exercise on balancing the masculine and feminine. After a light lunch on site, Dez will lead us in a workshop on Energetic Cleansing, where we will release what we no longer need and welcome new, positive occurrences in our now refreshed lives. In the evening, we will be welcomed into the striking home of Maya archaeologist and ethnobotanist Dr. David W. Sedat and his chef wife, Julia. Here, against the lush backdrop of what the Maya called Three Mountain Place, we will partake in a Sunset Hors d'oeuvres Reception. We'll conclude the night with a traditional, multi-course Maya Superfoods Dinner, after which our host will introduce us to the ancient Maya and lead us through an intriguing slide presentation of his findings at Copán-including the spiritual totems, sacred plants, and medicinal foodstuffs discovered in the royal tombs.

Day 5 - Shift - The day begins with our morning routine, and then which we'll enjoy an unforgettable, archaeologist's-eye-view tour of the spectacular Copán Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, our guide will explain to us that Copán provides some of the best insight we have into how the Maya regarded the change of eras, which according to their famed Long Count calendar, we are experiencing now. We'll learn about the spiritual practices, natural remedies, and rituals of the Classic Era Maya (5th to 9th Century CE). You will have the afternoon to yourself. You may wish to visit Arturo Landadero's herb shop in the village; La Pintada Maya Chortí artist's community; get a coffee rub and massage; volunteer at the local orphanage or school; spend time meandering through the village of Copán Ruinas; visit Macaw Mountain Bird Sanctuary; go for a hike or zip lining; take a jungle farm tour with a village healer, work at a century-old coffee plantation, or simply spend some quiet time on your own. We will eat a new Maya cuisine dinner in the village, during which we'll experience a beautiful Sharing Circle with Dez.

Day 6 - Nourishment - After breakfast and our morning routine, we'll participate in a Shannon's popular workshop, Sacred Foods. Exploring the sacred culinary traditions of the past, and how we can call on these teachings to better nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits-as well as our planet-today, this thought-provoking session concludes with a hands-on cooking class. This workshop is perfect for the foodie; those wishing to learn about mindful eating, intentional cooking, essence cooking, or power ingredients; culinary or healthcare professionals; those who have struggled with their body image; and those interested in sustainability. The session will conclude with a delectable lunch featuring the"holy trinity"of Maya cuisine- maize, frijoles, and squash-each of which holds deep spiritual significance. In the afternoon, we'll experience Dez's Healing Heart workshop where you'll learn what's blocking your heart and how to open yourself to self-love. This will lead you on a path to attracting the love of others while you spread love throughout the rest of your life and the world around you.

Day 7 - Transformation - On the last full day of our retreat, we will spend time with Dez on an Inner Vision Quest. We will learn about how the subconscious really works in our lives, and how to manage it to best accomplish all our dreams. Dez will lead us through some extraordinary visual sessions where we will tap into our innermost selves and lives. This will show us where we currently are, and how this knowledge can support our future goals. In the evening, we will participate in a Maya Sacred Fire Ceremony. Fire, the great transformer, becomes symbolic of our individual transformations we've experienced. We will offer sacred herbs to the fire and call upon all 260 energies of the Maya Tzolk'in calendar, as well as our own guides and ancestors, in this incredibly powerful ritual to close the sacred circle of our time together. Our evening will culminate in a celebratory dinner at Hacienda San Lucas.

Day 8 - Return - Following a sunrise breakfast gathering and gifting ceremony, we will transfer back to San Pedro Sula.

Add-On Experiences

The following experiences may be added to your registration at an additional cost. Advance registration and payment is required. Space is available on a first come, first served basis. Payments are nonrefundable.

Maya Tzolk'in Consultation

As in Ayurveda, Maya healers have throughout the ages prescribed various mind-body practices based on your individual energy. Because Maya cosmology relied so heavily upon the stars, the first step in determining your energy is to read the unique combination of natural forces that were present on the day on which you were born. Participants will receive Tzolk'in reading that includes which diet, exercise, and behavior modifications will best serve your energy. $185 for a 60-minute session.

Coffee Massage

Coffee has antidepressant, calming, and diuretic properties. It's also used to treat lung, breast, and prostate cancer; fevers in infants; the effects of strokes; asthma; diabetes; skin conditions; dandruff, and more. You'll begin your massage with a detoxifying, dopamine-stimulating organic coffee rub, and then receive a Maya lymphatic drainage massage. $125 for 50-minute massage.

Coffee Plantation Work Experience

In this session, participants travel to one of Central America's oldest coffee plantations and most beautiful ranches to learn about profound spiritual traditions involving the humble coffee bean. Participants will learn to roast coffee beans and brew the perfect cup. $100 including lunch.

Guided Medicinal Plant Walk

Las Sepulturas was the urban center of Uxwitik, the ancient Maya kingdom located within the bounds of present-day Copán. Maya naturalist Yobani Peraza will lead attendees in a tour of the site and teachings on the urban life of the Maya, including their diet, spiritual practice, health issues of circumstance, and the use of medicinal plants in the Classic Maya Era. $75 for 2-hour walk and talk.

Jungle Exploration with Village Healer

In this private tour of his jungle farm approximately 45 minutes from Copán, Don Alfredo Morales will introduce you to the many medicinal plants that grow on his lush property, as well as how he uses them to heal. $150/2-hour session. Includes lunch and translation services.

Not Included • Airfare to Honduras • Alcohol and items of a personal nature

Rates • $2,600/person double occupancy. $700 single supplement, should you wish to room on your own. • A 50% deposit is due upon booking. Details Flights to Honduras are not included. Delta, United, American, Spirit, and Avianca fly into San Pedro Sula Airport (airport code SAP). We will specify the times participants must arrive and depart from San Pedro Sula Airport in order to coordinate with the group transportation. Participants whose flight times vary will incur a surcharge for private transportation. Should you need to arrive in San Pedro Sula Airport a day early due to flight times from your home airport, overnight accommodations and private airport transfers are available at Casa El Meson B&B. An additional fee will apply, and may be paid directly to Casa El Meson B&B. The price is based on double occupancy. If you do not have a roommate, we are happy to arrange one for you. If you wish to have a single room, there is a $700 surcharge. At Hacienda San Lucas, there are a limited number of rooms that accommodate triple occupancy (with three beds). Should you wish to lodge with two friends or family members, please let us know. Room placement will be assigned by us, based on the energetic of both properties, and how it and your roommate will best serve your personal goals and wellbeing.

Hacienda San Lucas is a 120-year-old eco-retreat. Terramaya, located downtown and just minutes from our host site, is a pristine, newer property. Lodging taxes and gratuities for all services are included. You may wish to tip workshop facilitators and tour guides at your own discretion. Additional services will be available throughout the retreat. You may register on site or in advance. Additional charges will apply, and space is limited. Should you wish to extend your experience by traveling to Honduras' Bay Islands in the Caribbean, we would be happy to make recommendations regarding lodging and transportation. Volunteer opportunities are available.

Payment is accepted via personal check or PayPal. If paying by credit card via PayPal, a 3% service charge will be applied. Regarding cancellations, those made on or before July 1, 2018, are subject to a refund less $500 per person. Cancellations made after are non-refundable, but substitutions or name changes are allowed. All cancellation requests must be completed in writing. We strongly recommend travel insurance. Payment in full or in part constitutes acceptance of the The Sacred Within Responsibility, Reservation, and Cancellation Policy, which is detailed on the reservation form. We will provide a recommended packing list and complete itinerary upon registration. Please note that as we will be in the Maya lands, we will be on "Maya time", which is often guided by natural order rather than human expectation. Please trust that any hourly or daily schedule changes that might occur are divinely orchestrated to facilitate even greater gifts for us. To preserve intimacy, space is limited for this retreat.

To request a registration form, please contact Dez Stephens at


"Copán is a magical place. Really. And going with Shannon, the magic was transformed into a form I could relate to, understand, and apply to heal my deepest wounds, my hardened heart, and my most profound longings. Without prodding or intruding, at my own pace, surrounded by loving and caring people, I was able to plunge into the areas I was ready to see. I saw, and I healed." - Bes B.

"I am renewed in outlook after the retreat. I am affirmed in the path I travel. I can say with honesty that I am a happy man. I am grateful to you and the others for just 'being'. I look out into the world today with greater affection and thanksgiving because I was able to spend that week with all of you. To Shannon specifically: I love you, support you, and wish you all the blessings of Fortune as your days unfold. You have a strong and magnetic soul, you will change many lives for the better (mine included)." - Ron S.

"Our Copán retreat was a mind blowing, life changing, transformational event for me. I came home happier, more energized, more engaged with life, and much less stressed than I've been in a long time. The biggest shift and breakthrough was realizing that I'm ready and want to have love in my life again after being single far too long. That was huge!" - Donna F.

"Since my return home so much has transpired - sometimes in what has felt like 'lightning speed' and in an atomic frequency. My personal prayer before leaving for our retreat in Copán was to come to a better realization and acceptance of my power. And now, the abundance and affirmations of my power has come from everywhere and everything in creation. I am ready to evolve and handle more energy!" - Iayaalis C.

"I feel like I'm exactly where I need to be right now and that's a good feeling. And just this month for the first time, I'm starting to feel okay with being with MYSELF, BY MYSELF. I am feeling like I need to really GO FOR IT! And now I feel READY!" - Alicia G.

"When I think back to our enchanting time together: the beautiful landscape, the ancient ruins, the amazing and wonderful motley crew we gathered, the temazcal session, the animals, the morning sharing sessions, yoga classes, the amazing fire offering and all the beautiful Maya peoples we met...the list goes on and on, all I can feel is an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards yourself and everything you put together so perfectly. I will never forget our amazing group and cherished memories we created." - Jonny W.

"Although my physical body is not Maya, I felt the power of their tribes. I was repeatedly reminded of their connectedness to the earth, moon, and stars. Mother Earth was their sacred home, and their harmony with her was never without method or ceremony. Our journey together on these lands was powerful and bonding. No better place to explore one's inner self and divine feminine. The experience, our moment in time, was magical." - Nicole M.

To request a registration form, please contact Dez Stephens at