RHI Turns Five!


Radiant Health Institute (RHI) celebrates its fifth anniversary on April 27, 2017, with over 300 professional life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches trained with accredited hours through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Certification trainings take place both locally and internationally. RHI has also published five books that are co-authored by RHI coaches.

Radiant Health Institute's newly hired COO, Jamie Cartwright, says, "Holistic Coach Certification Training is open to anyone who has passion to serve and support others. It attracts professionals ranging from educators to counselors, wellness practitioners to senior management level executives. It also appeals to those choosing a new career path, entrepreneurs and students who desire to make a positive difference in society."

Dez Stephens, founder & CEO of Radiant Health Institute, has created a social enterprise out of her professional coach training institute to advance the coaching careers of the trainees in the United States and the people of both Honduras and Panama. Both of these Central American countries, according to International Coach Federation, are part of the fastest-growing areas on the globe for professional coaching - The Caribbean and Latin America. In October of 2015, Stephens went to Honduras to train 50 women on full scholarship in San Pedro Sula.

Radiant Health Institute's Nashville-based training school conducted its pilot program on Vanderbilt University's campus in April of 2012 through an official student organization Stephens co-formed with university students there. Charles Bowie, PhD, is an RHI graduate, Vanderbilt graduate and Assistant Professor at Tennessee State University. He is one of RHI's Nashville-based certified coaches and states, "My training with Radiant Health Institute and Dez Stephens has been a transforming experience. I received tools for my professional coaching journey and also received the blessing of looking inward and discovering a gift to share with the world. Finally, I experienced a subtle shift in consciousness that is creating spaces for healing and embracing possibilities for self-growth."

After conducting multiple in-person trainings in Nashville and Atlanta, Dez Stephens ventured out of the United States and headed to Honduras to see how she could help women there build coaching careers since they, in general, have very few career opportunities. Hondurans, on average, live on approximately $1 US dollar per day.

In February of 2016, Dez Stephens returned to Honduras to finish an advanced training with 25 women and then began a new co-ed training cycle since men there have showed a strong interest in professional coaching as well. The training of these now 75+ Hondurans and the subsequent certifications of some have made a tremendous difference for them both personally and professionally. Self-empowerment workshops, television appearances, corporate coaching and life coaching have permeated into churches, businesses and beyond. Also, a small group of Radiant Health Institute's certified graduates have formed a formal coaching association.

One of Radiant Health Institute's certified coaches, Matilde Torres, regularly holds workshops in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, to rave reviews. An attendee states, "I feel very motivated by the example of Matilde's life. She inspired us to improve ourselves and give it our best - to focus on what is important which changes our lives and then we can achieve big dreams."

Another big accomplishment became RHI's Holistic Coach Certification Training in Panama City, Panama (not on full scholarship) in May of 2016 and then again in April of 2017. This training has now impacted a total of 25 professional coaches in Central America's "business center" city. Dez Stephens will return to Panama with her team of co-trainers in January of 2018 to continue advanced trainings and a new training cycle.

Stephens further explains, "Future trainings are planned for many international countries including Portugal and Spain in September of 2017. We also became a GoArmyEd vendor in 2016 that allows recipients of Army tuition funds to pay for certification classes."

Radiant Health Institute is also launching its "Radiant Coaches" app in May of 2017 to offer highly interactive online professional coach training and various online courses through MyQuest.co, a platform that allows coaches to create their own online coaching apps. Dez Stephens further states, "We are thrilled to launch our app through MyQuest since we've been looking for an online coaching solution like this for years. It's an interactive solution that enables RHI coaches to touch thousands of people from all over the world. The purpose is to inspire and educate a global consumer audience looking to reach highly trained and certified professional life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches."

About Radiant Health Institute

Radiant Health Institute is a social enterprise and prominent coach training school that certifies individuals as holistic life coaches, wellness coaches and business coaches. The primary purpose of Radiant Health Institute is to enhance lives through special events, holistic coach certification training and meaningful publishing. More information is available at RadiantCoaches.com.