Ready, Set, Celebrate!


Today is the anniversary of democracy, all you can eat hotdogs, & the great American dream. Yet for a moment - set aside your barbeque and suntan lotion for a moment to reflect on the importance of celebration.

Celebration is an integral part of the human experience. Whether it is Grandma's birthday or the birth of a nation - a good cause will bring people together on common ground to celebrate. For social beings - it is as healthy, as it is uplifting.

Stop to smell the roses. Strive to cherish everyday things and moments, but do not shy away from fireworks, birthday candles, or popping the champagne.

Cherish those everyday things, but set time aside to truly celebrate the big things - those things that are important to you with the people that are important to you. No matter if those things are commercial holidays celebrated by many, spontaneous occasions celebrated amongst friends, or personal milestones.

Take the time. Turn the world off. Revel in the moments.

Don't be afraid to snap a picture of memories being made. No need to rush that photo out to share with the digital world, but save it to reflect on later. Have a tangible reminder, a connection to that moment in time.

To celebrate the now & to commemorate the past is a key element to keeping a positive outlook towards the future.